Luigi’s Mansion Arcade

Sega’s newest arcade launch, the Nintendo-licensed Luigi’s Mansion Arcade is available now.

Luigi’s Mansion Arcade is played through a first person’s perspective, so player sees the gameplay through Luigi’s eyes making it an impressively immersive experience. The simple objective of catching pesky ghosts, gold coins and hidden treasures is designed to deliver entertainment for young and old.

The Poltergust 5000 player controller – looks just like a vacuum cleaner, featuring a vibrating motor to simulate the vacuum effect and an internal solenoid when fired, delivers the sensation of vacuumed-up objects hitting the inside of the controller. The action takes place in a theatre-style 2-player cabinet that features a bench seat, 55” HD monitor, true Powerful sound, and a back window so bystanders can get a peek at the action without interrupting the players in the game. The interior of the cabinet is over 6 feet high making it comfortable to play standing up or seated.

Justin Burke, general manager at Sega, said: “The beautifully crafted hunted mansion cabinet it stands out in any family entertainment centre or game room. While the various routes to explore and hidden objects to collect encourages players to keep coming back for more – all this helps keep Luigi’s Mansion Arcade at the number one earning spots in so many locations across the globe. Shawn Hetzel, of Frankie’s Fun Parks is a prime example saying’ Luigi’s Mansion has been a great addition to our game room and is consistently a top performing video game’.”

The cabinet measures 218cm (86”) Deep by 145cm (57”) Wide and 223cm (88”) Tall.

Click here to Watch a video for Luigi’s Mansion Arcade.

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