New park operations and risk management platform unveiled by Sumba

Sumba is excited to announce the launch of its next-generation, fully integrated workflow engine to help family entertainment centres, trampoline parks, and those in the out-of-home leisure and entertainment market achieve optimal safety compliance with a real-time solution.

With an extensive background in building and assembling amusement attractions, as well as providing maintenance and inspection services, Sumba’s founders had a goal to create an inspection and maintenance solution that would save time and increase safety in the family entertainment industry while providing additional levels of protection from litigation through improved operations and standards.

The Sumba platform is customisable to operations and includes a comprehensive, digital inspection checklist, an automated solution for ordering failed or replacement parts, verifiable documentation of inspections, and the ability to achieve hassle-free compliance, which could also result in lower insurance premiums.

According to Mike Lump, COO, “Entertainment centres continue to raise the bar with their expanded attractions mix, which creates a need to inspect equipment daily, weekly, monthly and annually. The Sumba platform has been ranked ‘Best in Class’ by Haas & Wilkerson Insurance for its ability to deliver a simple and effective solution to produce verifiable inspections with the real-time ability to confirm who is inspecting, what is being inspected, and to even upload photos to records as the work is completed.”

The IAAPA Expo, being held November 19-22, 2019, is the world’s largest tradeshow for the amusements and attractions industry and provides SUMBA with an opportunity to demonstrate their innovative tablet-based software platform. Attendees can visit them at booth #4180 to learn more.

Jason Proffitt, CEO for Sumba says, “We are excited to be launching a product that will eliminate the need for cumbersome paper-based inspection systems, save owners and operators hours of time, decrease the possibility of human error, and increase the overall safety of the facility.”

The Sumba Team believes that their platform transcends the operations of the entertainment facility by creating a system of engagement that connects owners/operators with the manufacturers, insurers, franchisers and anyone involved in the day-to-day operations and safety of the park.

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