New Milestones In Music jukebox for just £20.95 per week including music

Soundnet and Sound Leisure will be showing the most sophisticated Milestones in Music (MIM) jukebox ever produced at ACOS, which will be available to rent at the lowest ever price of £20.95 a week (including music) or outright purchase at £1895.

The Official Charts jukebox features all the reliable hardware associated with MIM, UK’s most popular digital jukebox platform, but updated with some new, very attractive, extras.

Customers will not only have access to every track in the charts since they started in 1952, they will also have all of the top ten album charts going forward within their updates.

In addition, there will be a music information newsfeed from the Official Charts Company website, in order to keep customers informed and entertained.

Online connected Official Charts Jukeboxes can be soundjack-enabled giving them access to a database of over 5 million tracks on demand. In addition, connected operators will get 3 automatic music updates a week plus access to OpWeb, which offers a raft of tools to help keep jukeboxes running at their optimum.

“This rental price of £20.95 over three years is the lowest on the market for a jukebox of this calibre with online connectivity,” says Soundnet’s Toby Hoyte. “We would like to emphasise that this low price does not include any hidden charges, if operators want to keep the jukebox after three years, there is a one-off fee of just £250. We can often supply the jukeboxes within a week of the rental order being placed and we offer a no-fuss guarantee; there are no lengthy forms to fill in from finance companies. Our customers deal with us directly.”

“This is an ideal product for operators looking to replace older jukebox equipment or pitching for new business,” adds James Luck. “We know there are many jukeboxes still on site that are over a decade old. You wouldn’t keep a PC that long! The low cost of this offer means that maintaining legacy equipment is simply not economically viable anymore.”

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