NERF-branded FECs launching in Asia-Pacific

Hasbro's huge-selling dart gun brand extending reach

US-based design and production firm Kingsmen Xperience, has entered into a licensing agreement with toy giant  Hasbro to create, build and operate NERF branded FECs across the Asia-Pacific region.

Under the terms of the agreement, Kingsmen will co-conceptualise, create, build and operate multiple NERF FEC attractions across Asia-Pacific with the first location to open by 2019 in Singapore.

Andrew Cheng, group chief executive officer of Kingsmen, said: “This new concept attraction and collaboration with Hasbro marks our entry into the development and operating of LBE (location-based entertainment), and an expansion of our business portfolio. This exciting new move is an extension of our skillsets built over the years, and expands on our business of creating and building unique experiences.”

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