Nayax partners Ksher to enable transactions in Thailand

Cashless solution provider Nayax has announced that PromptPay, WeChat Pay and Alipay transactions are now available, and can be enabled upon request, on any VPOS Touch, Onyx or VPOS Fusion device in Thailand.

Nayax has worked closely with integration partner, Ksher, to accomplish this milestone. With PromptPay, the most popular mobile payment app in Thailand, Nayax’s unattended retail customers can now accept all leading payment methods in Thailand, including Visa and Mastercard.

Consumers wishing to pay via PromptPay, WeChat Pay and Alipay can scan the QR code automatically generated and displayed on Nayax’s devices. The process is a seamless, secure transaction, and will be available at any of the Nayax-powered machines in unattended retail businesses such as vending, laundromats, car washes and kiddie rides & arcades, etc…

“Having the opportunity to join forces with Nayax to bring new payment methods to their POS devices has been a rewarding process,” said Austin Wang, CSO of Ksher. “In keeping with our mission, we were excited to work with their integration team to enable dynamic QR code PromptPay, Wechat Pay & Alipay acceptance on their VPOS Touch, Onyx and Fusion devices.”

“As the use of QR codes expands worldwide, Nayax’s experience with payment apps enabling these popular transactions has grown,” says Omri Peled, regional manager – Asia, Nayax. “It’s exciting to bring PromptPay, WeChat Pay and Alipay capabilities to our operators in Thailand, enabling them to offer their consumers the most payment options available – and we are looking forward to integrating even more payment options in the future. In addition, as QR codes play an increasing role in cross-channel promotions, we are providing our customers greater potential for building loyalty and return sales.”

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