Moonraker VFX partners Animmersion to create immersive 3D content

Bristol-based VFX studio, Moonraker VFX and 3D visualisation consultants, Animmersion, are demonstrating the next stage in visitor experience with immersive 3D content that can be layered over the physical world in real time. The technology brings real scientific data to life and allows visitors to see and interact with human biology right before their eyes.

Jon Grafton, managing director at Moonraker commented: “We believe this is a game-changing opportunity to attract visitors. This technology helps bring content to life and captures audiences on a whole new level – at a competitive price.” 

Moonraker uses a set of microscopic images (HREM slices) to develop a 3D visualisation similar in look to CT and MRI scans, and the result is a stunning,  high-quality, three-dimensional hologramme rotating in mid air. Animmersion’s DeepFrame screen technology, consisting of a special optical lens, enables this display to be floor-mounted or suspended in the air to create a truly captivating experience. The final visual appears as a virtual layer on top of the real world, and can appear up to a mile away. The companies plan to bring this offering to the museum and exhibition space. 

Moonraker has experimented with scientific content such as a foetus in the womb and the Moon, demonstrating the potential that this innovative process has in creating educational experiences that allow visitors to see and interact with an image like never before as it rotates before their eyes.

The Deep Frame screen can produce visualisations of any size, depth or distance, allowing people to witness, for example, a historical boat to be brought back to life and docking in a real harbour, dinosaurs roaming right in front of them or to see the moon in immense close up detail.

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