Meta4 Interactive to bring second TRANSFORMERS game to IAAPA

Experience the Blockbuster Brand in a Small Footprint VR Attraction at IAAPA

Meta4 Interactive, the award-winning game studio established in 2010 and formerly known as Minority Media, is excited to announce the IAAPA Expo tradeshow debut of TRANSFORMERS: VR Invasion, a new VR game built for their TRANSFORMERS: VR Battle Arena attraction.

The Meta4 games team developed TRANSFORMERS: VR Invasion during the pandemic and lockdown of 2020. TRANSFORMERS: VR Invasion delivers collaborative gameplay that enables guests to be part of the liberation squad of humans fighting alongside well-known Autobots like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, as well as Grimlock, the leader of the Dinobots powerful strike squad.

“Since the lockdown began, we’ve rebranded as Meta4 to reflect our evolution into a multi-platform games studio and we completed this innovative new game to bring more gameplay variety and repeat play value to our Transformers VR attraction”, noted Vander Caballero, CEO of Meta4 Interactive. “We are always looking for ways to create amazing experiences in the physical and virtual worlds. Transformers fans are going to love this!”

TRANSFORMERS: VR Battle Arena, which debuted at IAAPA in 2019, is a 4-player arena that comes with two distinct VR games, “TRANSFORMERS: VR Invasion” and “TRANSFORMERS: VR Battle Arena”, the game that shares its name with the attraction. “TRANSFORMERS: VR Battle Arena”, enables players to become a heroic Autobot or unleash their inner Decepticon in a player-versus-player (PvP) battle.

TRANSFORMERS: VR Battle Arena claims to be the first small footprint VR system with a blockbuster brand and the only VR system that enables players to play as an Autobot or Decepticon or alongside their favourite Transformers ‘bots. Distribution and financing are available for the TRANSFORMERS: VR Battle Arena, which was recently recognised with a VR Focus award for “Best LBE Experience”.

Throughout 2022, Meta4 will deliver exciting new VR games for the TRANSFORMERS: VR Battle Arena at no additional cost to the attraction operator. New games will arrive automatically to drive repeat play from guests and keep the arena fresh and compelling.


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