Manning’s boss slams rate rises

Charlie Manning, boss of Manning’s Amusement Park in Felixstowe is among the many local business owners who are highly critical of recent local business rate re-evaluations.

Manning says the new rates will see his bills rise by nearly a third, arguing that his industry was already struggling. He added that he understood that rates in nearby Ipswich were falling by an average of about 10 per cent.

He told the East Anglian Daily Times: “The first letter we received shows our rates going up approximately 30% – but we will be appealing this, and the news has reported that this area will be getting rates reductions so we hope that ours can be fixed,” he said.

“It’s ridiculous to put more on a struggling industry. Online gambling and mobile apps for gambling have virtually killed the fruit machines. We are still busy with the 2p pushers but it takes a lot of 2ps to pay the rates and electricity bills.

“We will obviously be appealing the increase and hope for the best. The government would gain more tax revenue by enforcing tax payments from companies like Google, Apple and Starbucks who seem to have gotten away paying relatively no tax for years.

“If they taxed the huge corporations who make millions of not billions each year they could give some relief or support to the small family or local businesses who employ people locally and provide a facility or service to the community.

“There’s very little for the youngsters to do in the town and if the amusements were removed they could potentially just be on the streets and prom.”

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