Low-cost kit opens up mini-golf market

Campground owners, smaller hotel owners and other entertainment venues are now able to build their own small and low cost concrete mini golf courses with the U-Build-It Mini Golf Kit from Adventure Golf Services (AGS).

“The need for this concept,” explained Scott Lundmark, president of AGS, “was identified by our sales staff as they received inquiries from venues, with limited budgets and/or space. These clients have asked for a small 18-hole concrete miniature golf, which they can build. The U-Build-It Min Golf Kit helps an owner achieve this for as low as $50,000, depending upon geographic location.”

The U-Build-It Mini Golf Kit sells for $5,000 and provides each owner with everything needed to build a 2,100-square foot 18-hole course, according to AGS CEO & Chief Designer Arne Lundmark. Typically it can fit with a 112 by 64 foot (34 x 19.5 m) space. “One of the difficult aspects for an owner to build a course is the ability to layout the course while maintaining the same golf hole shapes, contours and topography as specified in the plan or design. We have addressed this issue. The kit includes computer precision cut mini golf putting turf to match the shape of the golf holes. This streamlines and speeds up the construction process, for an additional fee, a custom layout on the owner’s site can be provided if the owner provides site topography.”davy_crockett7

The kit includes a pre-loaded budget spread sheet, whereby the owner can fill-in the blanks based on local costs, which auto-populates the spreadsheet with the final numbers. AGS has included all things needed to build the course such as sub-base material, putting turf, edge system, hole cups, labor hours, concrete, equipment rental and optional features such as props and obstacles to enhance the course.

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