LAI Games launches new Pearl Fishery model

LAI Games is set to launch a new, single-player model of its hit pusher game Pearl Fishery at the upcoming Amusement Expo International. The smaller footprint brings the same exciting Pearl Fishery game play to venues where space is often limited, including cruise ships, restaurants, bars, and more. Like the current two and three-player models, the single-player version features the Super Bonus Display on top of the cabinet, attracting players to the game.

“We have been very happy with the Pearl Fishery single-player, and our location is very pleased with it as well,” said Dustin LaFleur, president, IF LaFleur and Sons.

The single-player Pearl Fishery will begin shipping in April, with back orders being filled first. Contact your authorised LAI Games distributor or visit for more information. See the game in person at Amusement Expo Booth #305.

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