LAI Games brings top sellers to EAG Expo

LAI Games (LAI) is proud to announce that both Angry Birds Coin Crash and Asphalt 9 Legends Arcade Simulator will be available for demonstration during the Entertainment, Attractions, and Gaming (EAG) Expo at ExCeL London.

Building on its success at the IAAPA 2022 show in Orlando, the multi-award-winning company has partnered with distributor Crown Leisure / Harry Levy to showcase the ongoing ingenuity and creativity that LAI brings to the industry.

Angry Birds Coin Crash has quickly become a major revenue stream for venues, beating top six-player pushers. The game features impressive-looking towers that are built from the bottom up via a special mechanism that deposits coins in a circle, one layer at a time. Tower heights can reach up to 1,200 coins, with multiple towers on the playfield at once, inviting players to try their luck at winning them.

Lauded as the top earning driver on the market, Asphalt 9 DX Simulator is the ultimate game room attraction for racing enthusiasts. The game offers an immersive racing experience featuring the world’s most exclusive cars, including Lamborghini, Porsche, and McLaren, a motion platform, dynamic wind jets, force feedback, vibrating speakers, premium hardware, full HD video graphics and a 43” monitor.

Both games can be found in Booth 60.

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