Lagotronics brings Farm Fair GameChanger to IAAPA

Small footprint dark ride has own story and IP

Lagotronics Projects wis bringing its new Farm Fair GameChanger to this year’s IAAPA Expo.

The Farm Fair GameChanger is a complete themed interactive rotating darkride: a combination of its patented GameChanger, with a brand new IP and game, called Farm Fair, a 3D interactive rotating dark ride, completely designed in a farm theme.

The GameChanger was launched last year, providing a high capacity dark ride on a very small footprint. The firm then decided to create one with its own IP –  Farm Fair.

Farm Fair is based on a story with three main characters – Horse, Cat and Rooster – who invite their friends (ride players) to come along with them and enjoy the Farm Fair that they have organised. The farm is home to plenty of different locations and objects that can be used to create a truly and funny interactive experience.

Besides the Farm Fair GameChanger, Lagotronics Projects will also be showing its realistic model of the GameChanger and other completed rides and attractions.

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