Jump In launches rebound therapy programme in Aberdeen

Children with disabilities will now be able to get involved in activities at Jump In Trampoline Park, Tullos, as it prepares to launch its innovative rebound therapy programme at the end of the month.

Duty manager Daniel Pacitti thought up the idea when he noticed that often children with disabilities would sit and watch their siblings on the trampolines, unable to take part themselves. Rebound therapy gives disabled and wheelchair-bound children the chance to experience the park’s facilities; this could include being bounced gently on a trampoline as they lie on their back, or crawling across it with the aid of trained staff.

The sessions are unique, running on a one-to-one basis to suit a range of abilities. Jump In also hopes that helping children onto the trampolines will help with physiotherapy aspects of care.

Jump In’s rebound sessions will run throughout term-time in order to keep a steady routine for the children. In this way, the sessions will become associated with the children’s learning at school.

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