Intercard’s cashless technology chosen by Farah Parks

Farah’s four FECs in Qatar have welcomed the installation of Intercard’s latest systems. A world leader in cashless technology, the Intercard installations were completed between November 2018 and April 25, 2019 at Farah’s Fun Day venue and three Farah Park locations.

Farah Parks are indoor theme parks that combine family edutainment with the attractions of a typical FEC. They are designed to encourage imaginative play, social and pretend play opportunities, skill development and other open-ended play opportunities. Farah Parks provide customers with a wholesome environment that provides amusement, entertainment, excitement, year-round activities, gifts, souvenirs and great food at affordable prices all while forming lasting memories.

Farah’s Fun Day is one of the first air-conditioned indoor amusement parks for children and families in Qatar, with a wide range of rides, video and redemption games, and other activities year-round. While the kids are at play, parents can relax in a specially-designated sitting area. To complete the experience, Fun Day offers refreshing and delicious snacks from its candy shop and café.

Farah Parks’ Executive Manager Fouad Chehade has long personal experience with Intercard and chose its technology for its stability, performance & flexibility. “The installation has been very smooth; the support from the local dealer Chimera Solutions Qatar and the Intercard team has been tremendous,” says Chehade. “They offered me the most cost-effective solution and my revenue has increased since I started implementing their solution.”

Intercard’s cloud technology will also support Chehade’s expansion plan for Farah. “I looked at the various options and I felt that the only brand to deliver is Intercard in terms of running multiple sites up to the hundreds,” says Chehade. “Their customized one-of-a-kind debit card systems with state of the art software played a major role in my decision.”

“Intercard has been leading the way with cashless technology in the Middle East since Encounter Zone, the first FEC in the region, opened in Wafi Mall in Dubai more than 20 years ago,” says Fouad Kyriakos, general manager of Chimera Solutions. “Since then Intercard’s continued innovations and renowned customer service have made its technology the most-used in the market.”

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