EAG 2018: Instance brings UNIS VR to show

EAG outing for Omni Arena

Instance Automatics, official UK and Ireland distributor for UNIS Games, will be demoing the VR Omni Arena,  recently launched in the US at IAAPA at this year’s EAG show at ExCeL.

Employing a series of omni-directional treadmills, the arena allows users to explore a programmed world from a single location. The treadmills sync with the simulation software, adjusting the user’s position based on where they are within the reality that they are simulating.

The first UK installation is now in place at Resort World Birmingham.

Pong returns

In addition, 45 years after the original Atari Pong machine was launched, the new Atari Pong Table has arrived. UNIS has partnered with Calinfer S.A, inventor of the table to manufacture, market, and sell the product around the world.

Lane Master, a video bowling alley that makes use of sensors to translate real rolls into the software returns, having first been shown at EAG last year.

It comes with three monitors, one for each player (the game supports multiplayer), and an additional monitor in the middle marquee area that shows the scores for both players. This monitor also allows the operator to display custom promotional video/image content.

Shying away

A range of the latest UNIS redemption pieces will also be shown for the first time in the UK, including Coconut Shy, (knock down coconuts to win tickets just like at the funfair) and Derby Champions, a game that simulates a real horse racing experience.

Instance will also have a number of vending machines on its stand, including Discapa Station, Telephone Vendor and Jurassic War, alongside a range of cranes from small Prize Every Time cranes to compact percentage controlled cranes.

Instance is also launching a sister machine to its Chupa Stairway Vendor, Lucky Dip, which is being shown for the first time at EAG.

More info on products available at www.maxxgrab.co.uk

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