Innoflate coming to Aberdeen’s seafront this summer

A new Innoflate inflatable theme park will open in Aberdeen this summer, moving into the space vacated by the Boardwalk House of Fun. The fully inflatable attraction will span 15,000 square-feet and house two slides, a circuit track, and a climbing wall, as well as a café and bar.

“It’s a new concept in leisure,” said Darren Margach, director and owner of the Innoflate project. “There aren’t any in Scotland, but some are popping up in England. It’s an inflatable arena that encompasses a climbing wall, a few slides and a circuit and a small toddlers’ section. It’s suitable for all ages, from babies upwards.”

Margach, who also owns Pinz Bowling in Elgin, had originally planned to open a trampoline park – but after visiting Inflata Nation in Manchester, was inspired by the concept of an inflatable theme park.

Innoflate’s inflatables were also provided by Airquee, the Welsh company that worked with Inflata Nation.

Innoflate Aberdeen is due to open in July 2018.

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