ICYMI: This week’s news

In case you missed anything from this week’s GAP Daily, here are the headlines to catch up on from the rest of the week.

Bandai embeds new cashless installation

BNAE division Bandai Namco Management Solutions, the exclusive UK and Irish distributor for Embed, has completed a full cashless installation using award-winning Embed Smart Touch Readers, which are RFID so customers can tap and play whilst collecting the winnings in tickets back onto the card.

Zero Latency and Mind Trek link up

The largest multiplayer free-roam virtual reality game arenas in America will open in Greater Boston and Philadelphia later this year, after a deal between Australian VR software specialist Zero Latency and start-up operation, MindTrek.

Bob Rudd adds Birmingham base

Independent amusement machine supplier, Bob Rudd has opened a new depot in Birmingham.

Bandai upgrades online prize service

Bandai Namco has upgraded its online prize-ordering catalogue online, with a stock availability feature.

POLL: Is VR really the future?

Is VR the real deal this time or is it another false dawn?

“My claw machine hell”

Somehow, an overly-keen Irish boy became trapped in a claw-grab prize machine at his local play centre after climbing inside to try and get his hands on a teddy.

LAI readies Dubai debuts

LAI Games’ new hits, Let’s Bounce and Hypershoot will make their debut in a new part of the globe at the DEAL show later this month in Dubai.


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