ICE unveils new shipping warehouse

Innovative Concepts in Entertainment (ICE) is excited to announce the opening of its new shipping warehouse. The new building is located next door to the corporate headquarters and main factory. This new state of the art warehouse features 3 loading docks, 35,000 sq. ft of storage as well as a shipping office.

The new warehouse will replace ICE’s existing shipping warehouse located approximately 30 minutes away from the current headquarters. This will help to provide a more efficient process for the company’s shipping department as well as more space to prepare large orders and ship games.

Joe Coppola, president of ICE stated, “The new space will increase our efficiency in shipping, but it also has opened up new production space in our main factory to allow us to build more product lines on a weekly basis.

At any given time, we are generally building 16-18 product lines in different quantities every week. This new space will allow us to keep up with the demand both domestically and internationally. Additionally, given the increased demand for our Air FX, we will now be building that product line in the new warehouse as well.”

The new warehouse will also become ICE’s primary warehouse for our various large metal, plastic and wood parts. The company previously kept a majority of certain larger parts at another offsite warehouse. Now instead of having a warehouse for parts and a warehouse for our games that are prepared to ship, ICE has a single warehouse that will hold everything.

Joe finished by adding, “The new warehouse is a testament to the growth we’ve experienced and our continued aggressive approach to new product development which now requires more production space on the floor.”

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