Hologate releases VR esports laser tag game Tower Tag

Creator of compact multiplayer VR platforms Hologate has announced that it will be adding internationally popular esports game Tower Tag to its portfolio.

Tower Tag is a multi-player game designed to allow teams battle each other in an epic virtual reality laser tag showdown. It can accommodate up to eight players, in multiple game modes.

Boasting intuitive movement and combat, Tower Tag is reportedly easy to pick up, but hard to master. Players use their blasters to conquer towers, and can then move between said towers and use them for cover. As they move from tower to tower players can earn points by completing specific objectives, offering a game-within-a-game scenario.

Tower Tag is a perfect match for the HologateARENA,” the company stated in a recent release. “In Tower Tag you will find one of the most anticipated multiplayer experiences in the world, and for those of you longing for a true esports opportunity in Hologate, look no further.

“Globally Tower Tag is drawing thousands of spectators into arenas to watch competitive tournaments featuring the world’s best players.”

HologatePLUS is available worldwide in over 300 Hologate locations, and reaches more than five million players per year, according to the company, which prides itself on offering high-end turnkey products that are easy to operate and integrate with family entertainment centres.



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