Harry Levy’s Beat Saber comes to EAG

At this year’s EAG & VAE show, taking place from 15th – 17th Jan, Harry Levy Amusements will show the note-smashing hit Virtual Reality game Beat Saber on stand 600.

The game became a viral hit on social media thanks to its incredible soundtrack and unique rhythm-slashing dance moves as players swipe at ‘virtual’ beats using two illuminated wands.

Even more attractive to operators is the fact that this version of Beat Saber is attendant-free. The Virtual Arcade Cabinet was first shown at IAAPA and was developed by VRsenal, the leader in attendant-free commercial VR systems and Beat Games.

Just like a traditional arcade cabinet, VRsenal’s Virtual Arcade Cabinet is a single machine that can go from shipping pallet to fully operational in thirty minutes, all with zero technical expertise. The cabinet also has a footprint of just 30 square feet (2.8 square meters) and has been optimized for high throughput, high uptime, high ROI, and low maintenance.

“Beat Saber burst on the scene in mid-2018 and instantly became a music rhythm phenomenon,” says Matthew Deith, commercial director of Harry Levy Amusements. “People from every imaginable demographic love to play this game, and they love to watch their friends play. That’s why we are so excited to be distributing this product.”

“We’ve had commercial VR products operating under real world conditions for over two years, so we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.” said Ben Davenport, founder and CEO of VRsenal. “Success in this arena requires a product that actually delivers on the high promise of VR, but without any of the hassle and inconvenience that currently comes with most commercial VR systems. It’s not enough to simply deliver a fun experience, it also has to be affordable, profitable, easy to operate – and it needs to do all of this while never, ever, making anyone sick.”

The state-of-the-art arcade centrepiece features neon lighting and an 80-inch (203-cm) 4K screen protected by quarter-inch windshield glass, displaying everything the player sees in stunning life-size detail. Supporting HTC Vive Pro headsets, the cable management and retraction system provides a near-wireless experience, while the fully integrated ticketing system brings redemption functionality to the table. VRsenal then seals the deal with futuristic holographic signage that projects rotating Beat Saber logos that hover in mid-air just above the cabinet, and VRsenal’s testing of the Virtual Arcade Cabinet shows an impressive 99% uptime.

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