Halo: Outpost Discovery tour dates revealed

Fans of Halo’s sprawling video game universe will soon be able to step into it like never before. Halo: Outpost Discovery, A weekend-long event, lets visitors explore a vast epic world with themed attractions, interactive in-universe encounters, the latest playable game releases and more.

The below list expands on the activities highlighted in the trailer, but there are even more on offer – including a Covenant Escape Room.

  • Hall of History: The beating heart of Halo: Outpost Discovery, where guests immerse themselves in the achievements and tribulations of humanity through a combination of informative graphics, artefacts, and tangible visuals pulled directly from the Halo franchise. Featuring everything from United Nations Space Command (UNSC) weapons and accessories, uniforms, an iconic to-scale Warthog vehicle, life-sized sculptures, and more.
  • Training Grounds (VR): Through the lens of virtual reality, teams of three will get to experience what it takes to be a Spartan, in an immersive, Halo themed combat training environment.
  • Pelican Training: Step into the Pelican Training simulation, an interactive experience that will put teamwork and decision-making skills to the test, while giving visitors an opportunity to get hands-on with some of the UNSC’s most battle-hardened hardware.
  • Post Exchange: If you’re looking for a unique retail space that has one-of-a-kind Outpost Discovery products, memorabilia, and collectibles, look no further!
  • Combat Deck: Experience the rush of playing Halo in “real life” with this Halo-themed laser tag Combat Deck. Danger is present around every corner, as attendees use their cunning and coordination to win this fast-paced, squad-based, pulse-pounding activity. Two teams of up to twenty go head-to-head for a chance to claim victory in the ultimate “Big Team Battle” experience.
  • The Ring Experience: This experience lets attendees explore the story of the mysterious Halo Array through artefacts that leap off the levels and pages of Halo titles. At the centre of the Ring Experience is a visually immersive, multi-projector, dome-based theatrical experience, featuring a never-before-seen exploration of a Halo ring, giving fans a brand-new appreciation for the sheer scale and magnitude of these ancient installations.


Finally, here are the travel plans for Halo: Outpost Discovery this year:

  • Orlando, FL – July 5-7
  • Philadelphia, PA – July 19-21
  • Chicago, IL – August 2-4
  • Houston, TX – August 16-18
  • Anaheim, CA – August 30 – September 1

Learn more at: halooutpostdiscovery.com/#experiences

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