GBA validators ready for new €10

AstroSystems Ltd., the UK-based suppliers of currency validation solutions, has announced the confirmed support of the upcoming €10 banknote for their

Global Bill Acceptors (GBA) range.

Due for release this September, the bill will be incorporated into dataset software

before the end of June 2014 for all GBA ST range product, which encompasses the

ST2, ST1, ST1-C and GV1 models.
A new file will also be available for those users of the GBA HR1 note acceptor –

which has been obsolete for over five years. It is important for customers to note,

that this will be the final available update for the GBA HR1. Astrosystems will now

be focusing entirely on the GBA ST note products and the Microcoin coin mechanism

range. For further details, please contact your local AstroSystems office.

The GBA ST2 is the future-proof replacement for HR1, offering a wide variety of new

features such as direct USB connectivity, barcode reading for TITO applications, and

versatile push-button programming, all at a comparable price to its predecessor.

Anyone wishing to test the product can contact or call +44

(0)1235 772201.

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