Gateway Ticketing Systems hosts Guest Experience webinar

On Wednesday 8 April at 2:00 PM EST, Gateway Ticketing Systems will host a new webinar exploring the face of guest experience post Covid-19.

This week, Randy Josselyn and Matthew Hoenstine, plus Grant Rozich from Palace Entertainment, will discuss ‘The New Guest Experience.’

What considerations and preparations should you be making right now to adjust the end-to-end Guest Experience in anticipation of reopening? 

Content will cover handling the exchange of money or credit cards, sanitising rides, attractions and exhibits through to to how automatic sinks may work in the bathrooms. 

A Gateway spokesperson commented: “We all need to unite during these challenging times, so all are welcome. Gateway customer or not, Galaxy user or not, bring your friends and colleagues. This is a place for the attractions community to gather, support each other, and prepare for the future… TOGETHER.”

Guests can register online here. Next week’s webinar is titled ‘Reopening Strategies and Transitioning to a Capacity Managed Attraction.’

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