Frontgrid Paradrop VR set for Danish park

Universe Science Park is the first to order the new system

Frontgrid has sold the first of its Paradrop VR attractions, recently launched at EAS in Berlin, to Denmark’s Universe Science Park.

Frontgrid debuted the product at the recent EAS in conjunction with Simworx. Universe Science Park, in Nordborg, South Jutland, will add the ParadropVR attraction to an existing virtual reality orientated area in 2018, to provide an additional VR style experience for visitors. The model to be installed will be a four person version and it will become a key element of the VR section of the park.

Universe Science Park is an amusement park where learning and using technology and science is the main focus, it has been designed to inspire both children and adults with a variety of different activities and experiences. 

ParadropVR is an IP protected VR attraction featuring integrated gamification which allows the user to fully control the game play and movement. Developed by UK-based Frontgrid and produced by Simworx, it provides an immersive VR experience that simulates flying a paraglider, with up and down motion that incorporates sudden drops and smooth deceleration to create a realistic feeling of gliding through the skies.

The ride also features an interactive game element controlled by the participant, with points awarded to each individual rider as they make their way ‘back down to earth’ via a series of targets through which they must fly to score maximum points.

We will extend our VR experience with this new key attraction from Frontgrid, where we will bring the ‘next level experiences’ that are capable of making virtual experiences physicalJonas Lutterman, COO, Universe Science Park

And while participants themselves are enjoying the experience, spectators at Universe Science Park will also be able to witness all the action with optional TV screens installed on each unit so family and friends can watch and see what players are doing as they fly through the ‘sky.’

“We enjoyed a very successful launch event at EAS in Berlin and are delighted to be able to announce the first sale of Paradrop VR as a result of our attendance at the show,” said Frontgrid Chief Executive and co-founder Matt Wells. “Universe Science Park was impressed with the immersive and entertaining nature of the attraction, combined with the gaming element, and it will give them another VR attraction, but something quite different, to offer visitors. I think it will be ideal for what they are looking to achieve and will be a great addition to the venue.”

A scoreboard will display how well guests have done on the attraction compared to fellow patrons at the park, which will also assist with repeat business opportunities. Additionally, Frontgrid is developing a Paradrop VR mobile app for the product with a QR code so that participants can uniquely identify themselves to see where they stand in the scoreboard when off site. Locations will also be linked and an overall scoreboard created from all Paradrop VR installations.

Commenting on the decision to add Paradrop VR to the venue, Universe Science Park’s COO Jonas Luttermann said: “Universe Science Park was created to excite children and young people with, among other things, technology. ParaDrop VR will surely support this purpose.  We want to create full-body experiences in our park. In 2017, we launched a large VR exhibition, where we worked with the challenge to make VR a full-body experience. We will extend our VR experience with this new key attraction from Frontgrid, where we will bring the ‘next level experiences’ that are capable of making virtual experiences physical.

“At the same time, the unique extra layer we can provide to our guests with such an immersive experience, which they cannot create at home in their living rooms, will be mind-blowing. We can also see that we can make VR something social by showing other visitors what the guest experiences in the VR attraction. This makes VR a relevant experience in our park. We are proud to bring the world’s first ParaDrop VR to our park. It will be located in our exhibition building ‘Cumulus’ as a new key attraction to expand our VR attraction.”

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