Four pioneering companies found new mixed reality sports association

The International Association of Mixed Reality Sports (XRS), founded in October and publicly launched on 20 November, is the world’s first association for mixed reality sports, aiming to support and grow the meaning of the sector.

Launched in Munich, Helsinki and Zurich by the CEOs and Founders of four pioneering companies in the rapidly growing industry, the world’s first association of its kind is meant to support and grow the meaning of mixed reality sports (XRS).

Developments in technology have led to a new era in sports, with technology and sports intertwining deeper than before and subsequently making physical exercise more accessible and fun for everybody – especially more appealing to the younger tech-savvy generation. In an age where screen time is increasing rapidly while physical activity and sports participation is declining in frightening rates, new forms of sports combine the real world with technology to make physical exercise more attractive, accessible and inclusive for everybody.

International Mixed Reality Sports (XRS) association promotes physical activity by combining sports, technology and gaming. This combination enables enjoyable but also highly challenging sports that change how people move all over the world. XRS association brings together major product manufacturers, operators and sponsors globally to share knowledge, create standards, form and educate addressable interest groups, and shape the future of mixed reality sports and competitions.

The four founder members are Fun With Balls, Munich-based creators of interactiveSQUASH and MultiBall; ICAROS, creator of products and platforms blending training, gaming and social competition; Sphery, creator of fitness and gaming product the ExerCube, and Valo Motion, whose movement tracking technology turns sports equipment like climbing walls and trampolines into immersive digital

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