FEATURE: Jumping at the chance

With the trampoline market demonstrating enormous and rapid growth, video capture specialist Tape My Day explored ways to bring its automated system, which provides a detailed recording of individual customers’ days out, to the booming sector.

Business development manager, Luciano Pessina, explains how the firm linked up with specialist providers to create a bespoke system specifically designed with owners, operators and customers in mind….

During one of our roadshows in the Netherlands, in spring last year, Tape My Day had the opportunity to visit several trampoline parks. Some were relatively new, others had been around for a few years. What struck us most was just how booming these parks were; something we had read about in media, but had not yet had a chance to experience up close. The parks were full, kids and teenagers were enjoying themselves performing gravity defying acrobatics and the owners were talking about their expansion plans. They had to, because in most cases business was simply too much to keep up with.

In recent times, trampoline parks have been a tremendous hit, with a new location somewhere around the globe opening almost weekly. To see how we could add meaningfully to this exciting new outlet for fun and fitness, Tape My Day decided to get in touch with several of the industry leading franchises, as well as starters or experienced entrepreneurs that decided to bounce their way to greater heights. Many more visits followed, as well as detailed conversations about the wants and needs of the business.

It was during this explorative phase that we met the CEO of Big Airbag, a provider of superior quality and customisable airbags based in the Netherlands. Big Airbag had moved its focus to outfitting Trampoline Parks worldwide with their product, citing increased impact experience, durability and the improved hygiene of their foam pit replacement as unique selling points. It became obvious that a partnership made sense, given their refreshing outlook on what is happening in the industry and our unique solution. In the same period, we also got acquainted with SiDijk, a Dutch park manufacturer that had created some of the most impressive and best looking trampoline parks our team had visited. During several meetings, the trio came up with a mutually beneficial model where SiDijk, Big Airbag and Tape My Day would join forces to deliver outstanding one-stop-shop trampoline park solutions.

Next, the Tape My Day R&D team sat down and got to thinking, “what makes a best in class product that suits the demographic and ambitions of the trampoline park industry?” With sufficient input gathered, the question turned out to be somewhat easy to answer: To match the rapid increase of parks globally, we would need to have a quality product ready for shipment in the shortest time possible.

This meant a format had to be designed that could be reproduced. Another big topic for us was guest interaction – everyone wants to get their best performance on tape, whether it’d be a perfect summersault or an insane corkscrew jump. This would stimulate dwell time and create the desired interaction with the Tape My Day system. Catering to the (semi-)professionals, jump analysis would be an option that could fast-track improvement. The positioning of cameras to get the best angle would require much consideration and, in some cases, special impact absorbent housing. Lastly and most importantly of all, the end-result video diary would need to appeal to the target audience; from flashy soundtrack to trick play elements such as slow-motion and stop/start effects for highlights.

The final result is a product which can only be delivered through the experience, building quality and specialised software that Tape My Day employs. Although others have tried their hand at a video system, it has proven notoriously difficult to capture so many people in a disorganised environment and hourly throughput has shown to be impossible to handle with conventional means of data processing.

With the trampoline park business expected to further expand in the next years, Tape My Day is confident it created a desirable solution and business model that will boost the success of our partners even further.

What is Tape My Day?

Tape My Day was formed in 2008 when two entrepreneurs decided to join forces in order to create a fully automated video system that would track, trace, capture and edit the full experience of a theme park visit – they believed that this would be a unique and much sought-after solution. The product was first introduced at IAAPA Orlando 2010.

Guests are provided with a bracelet with RFID or barcode identification, which they scan at each attraction. Various available formats can be applied according to your attraction needs.

Cameras can capture over 600 people simultaneously and individually. 4K resolution filming, quality hardware and processing software ensure performance consistency and premium results.

The system automatically compiles the highlights into a short film. Recorded footage is mixed with stock materials, such as a birthday or holiday special or a panoramic intro-shot. Commercial messages and/or personalised text can optionally be added.

Guests can preview the film at the end of their day. Delivery can be done through local WIFI (no internet needed) and/or through a download link sent by mail. Sharing to social media is made easy.

As soon as guests scan their bracelets and walk into what is called the ‘Region of Interest’, cameras will begin tracking, tracing and filming them. TMD intelligent software knows how to determine highlights based on a set of rules.

Due to advanced hardware and software, the system can simultaneously track and record a large number of people in all conditions and over a long distance. To create compelling footage, the system will zoom in on the Region of Interest.

The Smart-Zoomed frames will be cropped and processed. They are then stitched and sewn together at the central server. This allows for the final product to be readied quickly and smoothly.

All recorded footage of the visitor will be merged with stock material into a template. The final product will be available for preview within minutes of the guest scanning their wristband at the kiosk.

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