Fast and furious fun with PAC-MAN Feast

PAC-MAN Feast is the latest redemption game from BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Europe Ltd and the company is expecting high demand, following successful site tests.

The game appeals to all ages and appears very simple, like all of the best redemption titles and continues BANDAI NAMCO’s development cycle of electro-mechanical redemption machines, which have included successful games such as Triple Turn and Goal Line Rush.

The concept behind PAC-MAN Feast is to keep the hungry PAC-MAN fed with balls. Players hold the air blast controller as PAC-MAN begins to move left to right. Players need to aim the nozzle left and right with the handles and blast the ball with air.

The launched ball flies up the curved surface and then back down into the target. Balls that fall in the outside target receive one point; balls that land in the inside target receive a rising value of 10 – 35 – 50 points If the player earns 200 points they will win the jackpot

“The game requires quick reflexes and a good sense of timing,” says Kjeld Erichsen International Business Development Manager, BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Europe Limited. “PAC-MAN is always eating, from his first ever games, through to his TV show and of course in his role in the Pixels movie this summer. This gameplay is perfect for the PAC-MAN brand and it will be a brilliant addition to any redemption mix. It will be complemented by the wide range of PAC-MAN plush and gifts from the BANDAI NAMCO Prize department.”

PAC-MAN Feast is housed in an extremely attractive cabinet, featuring LED illumination, it also has variable payout and jackpot settings.

The game is available immediately.


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