Fair Games incorporates TITO into its machines

In response to the industry move towards TITO and requests from its customers, Fair Games has now successfully incorporated a TITO system into its Timeless range of machines. This includes a TITO option for its compact wall-mounted machine (designed for outside smoking areas) or for areas where space is limited. Both configurations will be showcased at the forthcoming ACOS show.

As well as the introduction of a TITO option, several new games have been introduced into the Timeless range such as as Lucky Charms, Lucky Streak and Tic Tac Roll, with the X Factory 3 player being the latest addition to the Retro machine range. For customers with existing Timeless machines the company offers a full upgrade service to the latest games and/or TITO.

Visit Fair Games at stand No. 6 at The Autumn Coin-Op Show; you’ll be assured of a warm welcome!

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