Embed to showcase innovations at SEA Expo

Embed is set to bring its latest breakthrough design innovations to the Saudi Entertainment & Amusement (SEA) Expo from May 16 to 18.

The solutions provider will showcase two of its latest tech innovations at the upcoming SEA Expo at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Centre. The self-service KIOSK+ has one of the largest touchscreen displays in the industry, a sleeker design and expandable modularity. The Breakaway Game Card combines the traditional game card and wearable media. Guests can simply snap off the removable section of the traditional game card, wear it with a band and reusable toggle, and get in the zone – SNAP. STRAP. PLAY!

The Embed Mavericks are set to conduct demos of the new KIOSK+, the Mobile Wallet, the integrated cloud-based software solution TOOLKIT, the smartTOUCH arcade debit game card reader, and a full range of wearables and game cards from Embed’s Bling Trunk at the trade show.

Rob Thompson, chief supply chain officer at Embed, said: “Traditional game cards carve a cult following for FECs and wearable media bring an extra layer of convenience, so why not have both on your wrist? Breakaway game cards can also ease up inventory management at the operator level.”

With a global presence in 56 countries, Embed recognises the importance of the Middle East – with a local office and team in the region as early as 2013.

Renee Welsh, CEO Solutions Group, said: “Our industry is now increasing at an annual rate of roughly 11%. However, in the Middle East, things are moving faster, with a growth of approximately 13 to 14%. We believe the reason for this rapid growth is that the region has consistently recognised the value of entertainment as part of its core strategy and provides world-class experiences to residents and tourists. In fact, the industry is included in His Royal Majesty’s Saudi Vision 2030, with an aim to diversify the country’s resources.”

Welsh added: “We are starting to see many Saudi entrepreneurs enter the entertainment market requiring a cashless system that can offer as many business modules in a single solution – like SALES, POS, PRIZES, kiosks, readers, wearables, CRM, event bookings, REPORTS, game management, Mobile Wallet, and more, and the Embed system can cater to these multi-attraction entertainment centres.”

“We have our cashless system up and running for so many long-time KSA customers, partners, and friends. We take pride working as direct partners with our customers – no need for third-party distributors or affiliations to get the job done and offer our customer direct care, support, and training.”

After helping customers on the road to recovery in 2020, Embed is empowering FECs through reinvention and rejuvenation. As a keynote speaker at the SEA Summit, Renee Welsh will cover the FEC of the Future, what it means for businesses today, and how to take steps to future-proof your business with technology.

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