Embed set to grow worldwide presence in 2019

Embed, a leader in cashless business management systems and solutions for the amusement, entertainment and leisure industries, has announced that it will aim to boost its presence in various tradeshows and events across the globe.

“We’ll be introducing a number of exciting innovations that are designed to deliver a superior guest experience that will disrupt our industry. We are completely focused on providing tailored solutions to help Operators drive more profits for their business by increasing their revenue, reducing their costs and achieving their business goals.” said Renee Welsh, CEO, Solutions Group.

“Our “customer first” approach focuses on solutions that enable the optimum consumer experience and it’s the driver behind our development efforts “because when the customer thrives the operators thrives! And we’re very excited about the many opportunities that we have to showcase our new solutions in 2019 at the various tradeshows and events globally.”

In addition, Embed will be speaking at many of these events on topics ranging from digital transformation in FEC industry, operational efficiency and improving customer retention, with over 1,000 customers and more than 3,000 installations around the world, Embed is equipped and ready to empower FEC businesses with direct sales, services and support anytime, anywhere.


North & South America

Aug 23-30         SK8Expo (Booth #6)

Aug 26-28         CineShow (Co-Exhibiting w/ Player One)

Sept 23-25        International Association of Trampoline Parks Conference & Trade Show

Oct 06-08          Southwest Bowling Proprietors Trade Show

Oct-12              Northwest Amusement Showcase

Oct 28 – 30        East Coast Bowling Centers Convention 2019 (Booth #50)

Nov 19-22         IAAPA Attractions Expo (Booth #1336)


Europe, Middle East & Africa

Sept 17-19        Euro Attractions Show (Booth #2343)


Asia Pacific

Jul 11-13           Philippine Attractions & Amusement Expo 2019 (Booth #A301-1)

Aug 21-22         Theme Park Expo Vietnam (Booth #85)

Sept 19-21        Thailand Amusement & Attraction Parks Expo (Booth # C36)

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