Embed installs in 50 new TEEG locations

The Entertainment and Education Group has announced that it plans to implement the state-of-the-art debit card and revenue management solution, Embed, in 50 new locations.

The Entertainment and Education Group (TEEG) owns over 280 Family Entertainment Centers (FEC) spanning seven countries across the Asia Pacific Region. TEEG’s recent acquisition of Ardent Leisure’s Bowling and Entertainment division (BCA network) comprising AMF Bowling, King Pin and Playtime brands, prompted TEEG to seek a centralized technology solution.

The roll out of Embed to each of these 50 locations allows for greater efficiency. With the one system across all brands TEEG can offer customers a seamless experience enabling access to all brands with one card.

“We are looking forward to one common system which will allow us to gain internal efficiencies and effectively utilize the valuable data Embed provides to improve the customer experience,” said John Boyd, Group CIO from TEEG.

Luke McKimmie, COO of Embed commented, “This is an exciting direction for both TEEG and Embed. The alignment between each group is perfectly timed for Embed to introduce its latest technologies of our universal games database and centralized games management, along with the Toolkit infrastructure we are deploying. This is a great opportunity to illustrate the advantages of using Embed over a large estate and a privilege to work closely with the TEEG team to leverage these solutions and develop ongoing value for their customers.”

The FEC industry is currently undergoing a phase of change in which technology solutions must meet best practices and customer expectations. Great technology is key to running a successful FEC. With a move to a centralized Embed system offering streamlined processes and easier ways for customers to purchase and play, TEEG is keeping one step ahead of the curve.

Embed’s depth in industry experience is leading the way in the FEC and Amusement sector with the release of innovative tools that allow businesses to streamline internal processes, enhance customer service offerings and recognize increased revenue opportunities.

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