Eleetus Simulators joins forces with best racing games on the market

Eleetus Simulators has joined forces with many of the best racing games on the market  this year. Since the initial production of the simulator, Eleetus has been building a strong product Eleetus 2relationship with Image Space Incorporated.  rFactor 2, by Image Space Incorporated, creates a dynamic racing environment for the driver who is engaged in game play on the Eleetus simulator. rFactor 2 accommodates the driver’s vehicle and environment by changing tires, track surfaces, grip, weather and lighting, making rFactor 2 a true challenge to any sim racer.

Game play is optimized through the use of the Eleetus simulator. The Eleetus Simulator delivers a superior user experience due to its robust construction, its range of motion, its moving screens and controls along with the platform. The platform provides two independent degrees of freedom: roll and pitch; however, the design creates the experience exceeds two degrees of freedom for the user.

The rotation point of the platform allows for the lateral, longitudinal and vertical acceleration of the user as the platform rotates. By moving the screens and controls along with the platform and with visual cues on the screens, the user is immersed in a virtual environment and their brain integrates the visual cues and platform motion into the experience that exceeds two degrees of freedom.

Wilson Bales, Director of Product Vision at Eleetus explains that “The Eleetus Simulator allows rFactor users to feel the acceleration, braking, and cornering intensities. This greatly helps in pushing the vehicles to their limits of grip, lowering lap times and increasing the fun factor”. The Corbeau FX1 fiberglass seat with harness allows racers to feel as though they are in an actual race car. Eleetus’s 40 degrees of pitch and roll that racers experience while using the simulator delivers excellent acceleration and positional feedback. The Eleetus simulator in combination with rFactor2 enables the user to have unique racing experience like never before.

rFactor 2 now allows users of the Eleetus simulator to engage in cutting edge graphics as users can zip around various tracks located around the world. Users of the simulator will have an impression that they are actually sitting in a race cars. In addition, rFactor has a wide range of vehicles from many well known automobile producers. Users of rFactor are able experience an authentic racing simulation like never before.

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