Elaut announces updated ‘Big One’ crane

Belgium-based manufacturer of crane machines and novelty games Elaut has released The Big One Mark 2, an updated version of its popular crane machine.

Loaded with child size toys, the Big One crane machine is perfect for parks and bigger locations, with the option of a game marquee with twinkling lights and a rotating centre disc for extra impact.

According to Elaut, “Operators call it the “Big One” because when they look at the crane they say “Wow, that’s a Big One! This is not just a big crane; it is an attraction in any location – arcade, family entertainment centre or theme park.”

The Big One is swipecard/cashless ready and has a height of 2450 mm, a depth of 2400 mm, width of 2500 mm and weighs 680 kg-1499 lbs.

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