Efteling opening new version of Droomvlucht ride

Virtual Droomvlucht will be more accessible to disabled visitors

Dutch fairy-tale theme park Efteling is launching a Virtual Droomvlucht in spring 2018 – a virtual version of its popular attraction Droomvlucht making the ride accessible for disabled visitors.

Virtual Droomlucht will replicate the original ride, offering guests the same experience by connecting handicapped visitors with their friends on the ride through headphones and microphones. The concept was invented by one of Efteling’s employees.

Fons Jurgens, chairman & CEO of Efteling said: “We want everybody to have a wonderful time at Efteling. Until now, VR has been an individual experience, but with the help of other techniques, we can now create a group experience. This is what Efteling stands for. I am very proud of our colleague who thought of this idea and shows how we’re in touch with our guests constantly and know their needs and wishes”.


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