EAG 2018: SB Machines boosted by family focus

Family entertainment investment means sales surge for rides distributor

A new focus on destination family entertainment from leading arcades is giving the children’s rides sector a major boost, says SB Machines, the leading supplier of Italian rides to the UK and Ireland.

“We have been established for over a quarter of a century but this is one of the most exciting times for the company as customers are actively investing in new, attractive and technologically advanced models,” said the company’s director Paolo Sidoli. “We are seeing many arcades embracing the positive opportunities presented by family entertainment and leaving behind the impressions that some still retain of old-fashioned amusement arcades. On the East Coast there are some  excellent  examples of the new attitude in amusement centres that is creating destination entertainment and shaping a positive future for our industry.

SB specialises in Italian rides, often incorporating an unusual element of design or movement which captures the child’s imagination. However, this does not mean that the rides are old-fashioned, said the firm.

“We do not ignore the needs of the market and the general trends associated with it. We have to embrace new technologies and get rides to ‘fit’ the latest locations, which are rapidly developing into resort amusement centres. Therefore, we are supplying larger rides with a bigger visual impact, engaging movement and interactivity. They need to compete alongside high impact redemption games, and other established offerings such as pushers,” added Sidoli.

This year’s show will see the firm displaying the Train Carousel ride with video. It will be the largest ride on the stand. Also on view will be the compact interactive Scooby Doo ride, which combines the evergreen licence with a small footprint that can be slotted in almost anywhere and everywhere.

SB Machines will also show the Square Bus,  Racing Car with interactive game and tickets alongside the Apache Helicopter, which is making a return.

 “We can confidently say that we can supply a ride for any location,” said Sidoli. “We truly are a one-stop-shop for all types of ride and we know each and every one inside out, so we can suggest which ones will be best suited for our customers. Our after-sales service is legendary in the industry and our rides will often stay on site for decades with a minimal amount of necessary maintenance.”

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