EAG 2018: Jennison offers Gum Drop sweetener

New redemption game makes UK appearance after IAAPA debut

Jennison Games is bringing its new Gum Drop redemption game to this year’s EAG show.

The game will display on the Crown / Harry Levy exhibit, following its initial showing at IAAPA 2017.

It features a ‘goofy’ cast of characters providing quick action, sounds, and a cheerful graphics package. The object is to skilfully time the release of the ball to drop into any one of nine different score channels. Successfully getting the ball into any one of the bonus spaces allows the player to enter the bonus mode where they then use their available balls to try and fill a candy jar. If they can successfully fill the jar with the allotted balls, they win a massive amount of tickets.

The game features thousands of LED lights, a 350 watt sound system, and a customisable menu.

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