EAG 2018: Digital Centre bringing IAAPA booth launches

New versions of Panther Revolution and Eclipse will be there

Digital Centre is bringing two of the photo booths it launched at last year’s IAAPA show to this year’s EAG.

The firm launched the first Redemption PhotoBooth – The Grand Palace – with a giant LED VideoWall of 120 inches visible from two to 200 feet and 3D graphics. The booths let players take photos of themselves and use them in mini-games with chances to win free re-prints, tickets and more.

Improved versions of the Panther Revolution and the Eclipse PhotoBooth will be shown at this year’s EAG, by UDC # 510 and Electrocoin # 516.

Panther Revolution is the best-selling PhotoBooth of all time, according to DC. With the inclusion of the state-of-the-art LED VideoWall technology, players can display their photos on the big screen after taking them, which has been shown to deliver up to five times the revenue of other PhotoBooths. The external VideoWall is capable of playing video and photo advertisements and still delivers photos with a wide variety of products in under a minute.
The Eclipse is the first PhotoBooth with a huge 12ft curved LED VideoWall visible from hundreds of feet away.  Photos taken in the PhotoBooth are shown on the giant VideoWall, encouraging more customers to have their moment on the giant VideoWall.
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