Duo Drive is racing ahead!

Leading manufacturer of amusement machines Universal Space (UNIS) has announced that its new hit game Duo Drive has been performing exceptionally well at FECs around the world. According to the company, the game has been so successful in fact that “we have just seen its earnings surpass Pirate’s Hook, our previous best earner”.

The game is designed to work as a redemption cabinet as well as a simple video game for kids. Operators have been running the Duo Drive both with and without tickets, and have found that depending on location both modes earn just as well.

The gameplay is simple, but at the same time includes a competitive element since the players can race against each other. This adds to Duo Drive’s revenue. On top of this, the game offers added variety by letting the players drive either a bike or a car.

According to the company, “the incredible earnings that we have seen up on both ticket and non-ticket setups of the game are the testament to the its versatility and ability to attract repeat play.”


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