Dubai boost for Embed

Global Village's new Carnaval attraction installs cashless system

Global Village, Dubai’s largest and first-ever multicultural festival park, has selected Embed as the revenue management system provider for its newest funfair land, Carnaval. 

Embed has been the cashless system of choice for Global Village since 2013, and earlier this year signed a three-year contract with Carnaval Entertainment management, the newest operator of Carnaval funfair land in Global Village. 

Carnaval chose Embed’s smartTouch Tap readers backed by TOOLKIT software for their more than 150 indoor and outdoor rides, games and attractions, employing 33 Embed Point of  Sale stations to accommodate the expected 5.6 million visitors this season. They estimate the project will utilise a million Playwave contactless cards in each of the next three seasons.

Now in its 22nd season, Global Village offers shopping, entertainment, dining and funfair experiences in a festive atmosphere, with an operating season over five months each year.

Carnaval’s funfair area measures more than 50,000 square meters and hosts more than 60 rides and skill games with an arcade tent that hosts more than 100 games. The brand new funfair land was launched this season with all new games, rides and attractions managed and operated by the Carnaval Entertainment team.

In addition to Carnaval, Global Village celebrates 75 cultures from around the world with 27 pavilions and 3,500 shopping outlets, showcasing more than 12,000 cultural and entertainment shows, 23 restaurants and cafes with international cuisines and more than 120 kiosks offering street food, spread over a 1.6 million square meter space in central Dubai. The current season launched on November 1st, 2017 and runs through April 7th of 2018.

Neil Dwyer, director of Carnaval Entertainment said: “It is our pleasure to launch Carnaval in Global Village to mark the most exciting collection of attractions ever seen within the destination, and we are glad to have Embed on board with us and are confident that their systems will support us in welcoming the millions of expected visitors. The design of Carnaval is focused solely around ensuring that we give guests the smoothest and most enjoyable experience. We are proud to have some of the highest standards supported by some of the best products in the funfair industry.”


Rosa Tahmaseb, managing director for Embed EMEA said: “We are honored to be entrusted with a new 3-year contract with such a prestigious organization. We know that over the next 3 years we will strengthen our already strong relationship with the team at Carnaval Entertainment at Global Village and look forward to the opportunity to support a unique project that we have been fortunate to work with since 2013.”

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