Digital platform increases Legoland Windsor ride capacity

Digital operations platform Cmd-Ctr has launched a new range of operational support apps across Legoland Windsor Resort UK, which is set to increase ride capacity and minimise ride downtime – creating huge efficiency gains for their park operations and enhancing guest satisfaction.

Built by UK-based company First Option Software, Cmd-Ctr is a cloud-based park operations system that provides instant insights to streamline operations, through digitalisation of paper-based work streams to create strategic improvements across theme parks and other attractions.

Sam Barnes, senior rides manager at Legoland Windsor Resort UK, said: “We’re expecting Cmd-Ctr to significantly increase our ride capacity with the efficiencies that this innovative platform provides. Within just four months we’re already seeing visitors achieving one additional ride per person, per visit – which is a 10% increase on 2020.

“Instead of recording and collating paper-based information, our ride managers are identifying operational areas of improvement which can be seen and resolved as they happen. It’s made our operations much more effective, reducing our operational ride downtime and given our managers more time to spend with their teams to coach and train staff. I’m very happy with how this platform has enhanced our performance and ride capacity during a time when COVID restrictions have impacted how we operate and what we’re able to achieve.”

Cmd-Ctr is comprised of various modules, each providing enhanced efficiency and oversight for park operations managers. The removal of manual paper-based processes allows for redeployment of staff resources and data insights at the click of a button.

In addition to streamlining day-to-day park operations, Cmd-Ctr allows for collection and analysis of data that shapes strategic decision making. Ride managers have identified ‘unsung hero’ rides which have higher capacities, allowing them to prioritise appropriately when reopening multiple rides to get the highest possible number of guests back onto the rides they came to enjoy.

Karen Glassey, operations director at Legoland Windsor Resort, said: “I’m so pleased with how Cmd-Ctr has had an immediate beneficial impact. Access to live data, better communication and new insights is benefitting the team as a whole – from ride hosts to managers and beyond. The wider LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort team is noticing the positive impacts this system is having and we have the data to prove it.”

Matt Clarke, director of First Option Software UK, said: “With the global pandemic having a significant impact on theme parks, it’s more important than ever that opportunities to streamline operations and maximise efficiency are created. Beyond the obvious cost savings, Cmd-Ctr’s connected approach brings new opportunities and benefits such as risk reduction, data insights, automation, accountability, staff satisfaction and, of course, guest satisfaction.”

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