Digital Centre to reveal how to triple money during International Bowl Expo

From June 20-21, Digital Centre will attend the Las Vegas International Bowl Expo where they will explain to all attendees how they can triple their money thanks to the 3 LED VideoWall PhotoBooth factors.

Three infallible factors, which are not always present in competitor booths, and new LED technology have yielded results that show an increase in sales of photo booths that have been operating in the market for more than a year.

The first of the infallible factors is a customisable memento of a special day and place – a printed photo that reminds users of somewhere where they enjoyed themselves. Secondly, the LED VideoWalls can display video, including upcoming films, fashion shows and collections, video advertisements – all of which can bring in additional income on top of the Photobooth. Thirdly, thanks to the SmartPrint technology, users can access the Photobooth as a fast and efficient printing centre to print images directly from their Smartphones.

Digital Centre currently has a steady eye on Asia, with additional factories and offices in the US and Europe.

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