Derby’s new arcade offers wireless VR

Experiences include F1, mountain climbing, and historical visits

A new arcade has just opened in Derby, providing a wireless VR experience.

The arcade, Pulse VR-X, offers a range of adventures, including mountain climbing, visiting historical landmarks such as the Colosseum or the Louvre, or Formula One Grand Prix driving.

Managing director, Danny Gregory, said of the firm’s wireless offering: “When you’ve got that cable you walk away from the computer and you feel it tug, you’re spinning around so you feel it wrapped around your legs, and you’re always constantly having to step out of it.

“It reminds you that it’s virtual, not real, so we wanted to do something that limited that aspect.”

Unlike some other arcades, each gaming station is not separated, allowing greater player interaction.

“You can chat to your friends while you’re waiting, and if someone gets scared on Emily Wants To Play (a survival horror game), everyone can laugh at them.”

Gregory said he is hoping to expand by getting more driving simulator chairs for competitive driving, adding: “This is just the start for us.”

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