CPI unveils SCR Advance system

Cash-handling specialist CPI has launched a new note recycler – the SCR Advance, aimed at non TITO venues.

SCR Advance was specifically designed for non-TITO environments like the German AWP market, where paying jackpots in coins frequently resulted in hopper starvation.  It evolved from the original SCR note recycler and features new technology to combat note jams, an issue that can put machines out of service and frustrate players just as frequently as hopper starvation.  SCR Advance, in fact, offers the lowest jam rate ever seen in a note recycling product.

“Continuous improvement is at the heart of our business,” said Anette Jauch, CPI sales director – EMEA Gaming.  “We applied new technology, new research and new customer feedback in order to bring SCR Advance to market, and we are thrilled at the reaction we received for it at ICE.  We are confident that SCR Advance will make a real, tangible difference for operators and players alike.  No other note recycler can beat it.”

“We send our thanks to everyone who came to see us at ICE”, said Jauch. “The SCR Advance created a great buzz with our visitors.”

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