Clip ‘n Climb announces new look for two Classic Challenges

After successfully launching Prima, its new range dedicated to multi-activity leisure facilities earlier this year, Clip ‘n Climb has announced a refreshed, new look for its Jungle Vines and Morse Code Challenges.

Chaz McManus, the design technician at Clip ‘n Climb International’s New Zealand factory, said: “The project’s title is “Refresh” which I think sums up our objective in a single word perfectly. Our aim is to take existing Clip ‘n Climb designs and modify them using the simplest means possible with the goal of creating a better product for our customers and the brand they become a part of.”

The refreshed challenges feature new panels and exciting printed graphics and new, vibrant colours representing the Clip ‘n Climb brand.

McManus continued: “We aren’t necessarily aiming to change how specific Challenges work, mainly modifying what exists in such a way that it presents itself as something new and exciting, so they align with our ranges’ more modern looking Challenges.”

On the Morse Code Challenge, climbers enjoy climbing a Morse code message that spells out “Clip ‘n Climb is fantastic fun”. The Refreshed Morse Code comes with new, vibrant colours in line with the Clip ‘n Climb brand designed to appeal to climbers of all ages.

The Jungle Vines Challenge requires good balance, strong arms, steady legs and the ability to ‘hang out’ from the wall: strength combined with patience and determination to follow the routes indicated by the ball colour. The Refreshed Challenge comes with new panels – a Challenge with printed graphics, giving the illusion of climbing in a tropical jungle.

“We chose these specific challenges because they were two of the older designs – refresh for both meant modernizing, and so changes to their materiality made the most sense here”, said McManus.

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