Benchmark readies Tesla Tower launch

Benchmark Games’ latest redemption piece, Tesla Tower, is now in production and available for immediate shipment.

The new game pays homage to the inventor, Nikola Tesla and his Tesla Tower which was an early wireless transmission station designed and built by Tesla in Shoreham, New York in 1902.

Benchmark’s Tesla Tower is a skill stop light game where ticket values are increased for each level achieved with a progressive bonus feature. It has performed consistently at test locations, boasts a modest foot print, and can be easily maintained by operators as it has no motors, solenoids, or mechanical parts.

It features a panoramic LED light playfield, and marquee light component that is synced to game play and joins a games range that includes Monster Drop Single, Pop It & Win, Free Throw Frenzy, and Buzzer Beeter.

“Tesla Tower, with its 360-degree visibility, LED light package and mesmerizing game play, is an instant game room show piece.” said, Paula Rinker, vice president of Sales at Benchmark.

“It has been specifically designed to add high impact for a value price,” added Al Kress, president of Benchmark Games.“Tesla Tower is the newest and exciting game to add to our tradition of building the industry’s most profitable games. Our games are high earning, hold their re-sale value, and enjoy long lasting customer retention. You rarely see a used Benchmark game for sale in an auction or listed in back of an industry trade publication”

Benchmark will be exhibiting Tesla Tower, along with several other new game concepts, in Booth #141 at the Amusement Expo, 14th-17th March in Dallas, Texas and as part of a Redemption solution with Player One and Embed in Booth# 332F at CinemaCon, 28th-30th March in Las Vegas.

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