Benchmark Games gets special visit

Benchmark Games received an email from a family, from the United Kingdom, visiting Orlando, Florida on their annual family vacation. To make this vacation a memorable one, the parents requested a visit to the Hypoluxo Factory to tour the facility. While these requests are not uncommon, this request had some significance.

It was revealed that the oldest son had a phobia of handling metal items. This phobia limited and hindered many activities for the boy. One of the activities that became therapeutic was visits to the local arcade. Like all children, an arcade can cure all ills – especially for this boy. The location was a token location which forced the boy to handle the metal tokens to play the games. One of those games, Benchmark’s Slam-A-Winner, became his favorite game. It became such a favorite that the boy set out to build his own Slam-A-Winner machine. Please take the time to cut and paste this link and view – you will be thoroughly entertained!

The boy and his family where treated to a tour of the production facility and allowed special access to the R&D Department where all the new games are being developed. Needless to say Disney became the number 2 favorite destination to visit in Florida – at least to this family. “In all my time at Benchmark games, I have given hundreds of tours of the facility” said Al Kress Owner of Benchmark Games “But no tour was more gratifying than this one! It really makes what we do all worth it. For this young boy to overcome his fears and have the desire to build a Slam-A-Winner from scratch is quite amazing!”

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