BayTek launch HopStar and Full Tilt

Bay Tek Games has announced the addition of two new games to their product line, HopStar and Full Tilt, both of which are shipping now.

HopStar has a fun, interactive skillful game play, bright colors of the cabinet and the durable, infrared hop pad this make must have game for all game rooms. Players coin up and hop as far as they can on the hopscotch course in a set amount of time.  The player-paced hopping detection means the course will only go as fast as the player can hop, making it fun for all ages.

The variety of 3-D courses on the 42” screen allows for a new challenge every play. The progressive jackpot, course times and difficulty controls are all adjustable in the operator menu making the game fit any location how they see fit.

“We are thrilled to be launching and shipping two incredible games, HopStar and Full Tilt in the first part of 2015.  Both of these games add so much to a game room whether it be the interactive game play of HopStar or the mechanical presence of Full Tilt. We look forward to the future of both of these games,” said Rick Rochetti, Director of Sales at Bay Tek Games.

Full Tilt demands attention in any game room. Standing 109.5 inches tall with an adjustable marquee this only takes up a small amount of real estate – less than 15 square feet. Players guide the ball from the very top down the playfield by using the wheel to rotate the gear platforms to direct the ball as close as they can to the desired score. The player wins the awarded number of tickets of the slot the ball lands in.  Aim for higher ticket values to win the most tickets.

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