Bandai Namco to showcase Raw Thrills’ NERF Arcade at IAAPA Europe

The Bandai Namco Amusement Europe sales team is set to showcase Raw Thrills’ NERF Arcade at its stand at the upcoming IAAPA Expo Europe, taking place 28-30 Sept 2021.

NERF Arcade players mount the machine, grab and oversized NERF Blaster, and fire relentlessly at targets.

Although Bandai Namco will showcase only one machine physically at the show, visitors to the stand will also have access to the online brochure to discuss all the company’s top games from big name suppliers.

In a press release, Bandai Namco stated: “We’ve recently spoken loosely about a remodelling of our methods, as we felt this was the perfect time to cook up a better approach for the company, the team, our partners, our customers and subsequently, the players. While we’re exciting to see open busy markets and trade shows back on the agenda, we’re affording ourselves a ‘calm before the storm’ moment in terms of the physical size of our presence at IAAPA Expo Europe 2021. We’ll make up for it in bags of Bandai Namco charm.”

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