Bandai Namco presents first Kjeld Erichsen Award

Bandai Namco remembers Kjeld Erichsen with the presentation of its first annual achievement award in his honour.

For those who knew Erichsen, he is affectionately remembered for his dedication to excellence in everything he put his hand to, and despite ongoing challenges, maintained the highest standards throughout his almost 20 years with Bandai Namco Amusement Europe. Erichsen epitomised every quality that Bandai Namco Amusement Europe feels is important to recognise in all its team – and going forwards, the Kjeld Erichsen Award will do just that.

The event at Head Office began with a speech from Managing Director John McKenzie who, after an introduction to the award and a touching tribute to the life of Erichsen, announced that the recipient of this award was a person who we could liken to Erichsen by the greatness and dedication in which they performed their role. Erichsen’s wife Gitte also marked the occasion with a few words, and his daughter Josefine presented the award to Mr Dilip Vadher.

Vadher originally joined Brent Walker in October 1989 which was later purchased by Namco in 1992. During Dilip’s long association with the company, he has served within the Stores and Warehouse environment and more recently in the Finance Department.

“Dilip receives this award not for his length of service, but rather his sense of dedication to each of his roles, his willingness to assist others, his attention to detail with the company’s many systems – all of this in addition to Dilip raising his daughter who he’s immensely proud of,” says Sarah Jennings, Financial Controller.

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