BALLY WULFF adds staff to continue expanding its international operations

BALLY WULFF has recently welcomed Willem Korteweg as the new Head of International Markets. With the hiring of Mr Korteweg, the long-established Berlin-based company is following its goal of qualitatively expanding its future international business and domestic success in both the Spanish and Italian markets.

Willem Korteweg has been the Head of International Markets at BALLY WULFF Games & Entertainment since March 2014. In this role, the 57-year-old Korteweg manages all of the pending issues and tasks related to the Spanish and Italian markets on which BALLY WULFF has been focussing for some time now.

Mr Korteweg has many years of experience in the vending machine industry. Born in the Netherlands, he began his career in 1976 with the sales, import and export of gambling machines in the Netherlands, and was a project manager at Löwen Play. In 1996, he stepped into the role of European Sales Director at Barcrest and was responsible for the entire export of gambling machines for the international markets in the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic and Hungary, among others. While working at Barcrest, Korteweg also met Darek Borowiec, who is currently the new BALLY WULFF Product and Sales Manager for Spain. Korteweg successfully worked with Borowiec over a six-year period.

Reinhard Schloh, previously responsible for the international markets, will in future be responsible for business development. He views the restructuring of the department positively: “Willem Korteweg is the right man for the job and a great hire for the company. With the restructuring and differentiated areas of responsibility, the professional expertise and know-how can be effectively applied in a more focussed manner.”

At BALLY WULFF, Korteweg will immediately begin applying his many years of experience, and he is definitely looking forward to the pending challenges. “With its products, BALLY WULFF is currently working towards generating a high level of success in the international markets. Originally I was planning on retiring, but the appeal of this new task was too great to pass up. Together with BALLY WULFF, I want to help make the brand internationally successful. This way I can once again enjoy the fruits of a winning project.”

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